Member TOS Page

This website is made for people who are willing to help others achieve their dreams. At the same time, we will help you when you join. The people here are working with and earning 100% commissions. You don’t see any other software company with such a high value product that gives you all of the commissions! This website is called Divide2Win. This means we will all bring our individual divided skills and experience together to form a cooperative group to help each other win.

Please agree that you will not share the information you receive here such as logins or graphics outside of the website without express written permission from the person who posted the item. If something like that starts happening, we reserve the right to remove you from the membership for theft of intellectual propery. We really don’t want to do that!

The other thing to agree to, is just be nice. We want everyone to be respectful and helpful to each other in this group. We will not say bad things about you if we disagree. Just keep it calm.

Close this tab to go back to the registration form and accept these terms by checking the box on the page. Thank you!